March 21, 2013

ikea win

Don't you love it when Ikea comes through? Ever since our Mexico trip last May, I've been on the lookout for frames to fit these beloved Otomi paintings...and found the perfect solution at Ikea last week, and for $10!! Love it!

I thought for sure I was going to need custom frames, and absolutely thought I would be paying more than $10!

Tip: in my wallet, I always carry measurements for various pieces of furniture/other items I'm on the lookout for. This way, when I'm out and about I know whether something will work. I have lists for our home and clients'.

The black backing was already in place, and was the PERFECT backdrop for the imperfect, slightly frayed edges of the paintings. I'm telling you - win/win/win!!

It's true that these are not the only pieces of Otomi art in our house (you might remember two others from our dining room, although they all move around quite a bit and those two are now in a hall nook!). We do have a growing collection, and am not sure it'll be stopping anytime soon. I might be willing to part with a few one day...but only to a very good home...I'll need to be convinced :)

Like what you see? I would love to work together and have availability for projects this spring!
Contact me at for rates & package options.


  1. I LOVE Ikea, your blog is adorable! I just followed your blog on Google Friend Connect. I hope you can follow mine too over at Have a great night!

  2. I love it when fate steps in to find that perfect item. :) I mean, how perfect!!!


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