August 27, 2012

gallery walls

(to those of you visiting from my old blog - thanks for stopping by! i plan to post much more regularly here, so please visit again very soon :))

And to everyone -- welcome!!  I am thrilled that you're here. It's my goal to inspire you to embrace the home you have and make it yours. This may be as simple as grabbing a $4 bunch of flowers at the grocery store or corralling the bottles and jars in your bathroom onto a vintage tray from the thrift store, but I believe even small, simple steps make a huge difference in our homes, and enrich our lives in the process. Thanks for joining me on this journey!


Thinking about gallery walls today.  Specifically, creating one above/around our TV.  We have a decent collection of artwork but much of it still needs to be framed! I've been searching local thrift stores for bargain framing options but I think it's time to expand my search.  Ikea has some good options, especially for simple, thin frames which I think will give just enough of a modern edge to our eclectic mix of art. Any other suggestions for super-bargain frames?  (even ikea adds up when buying multiples!!)

Some inspiration...

Schuyler Samperton - so good! This shot is quite old at this point (I think it's from Domino), but still feels just as fresh as the first time I saw it!  I have gone back to this photo again and again for inspiration.

Emily Henderson

Jenny Komenda. Recent photo shoot of her loft just before she moved out. I lean a little more boho but never cease to be amazed by her classic and genius style.  Again the thin frames are really working here. Note that the bottom three seems to just be leaning against the wall, but gives an interesting impression of floor-to-ceiling art!

Minnie Mortimer's Malibu the casual and collected feel of this mix.  Another group of 
leaning frames - I like it!

Angie Hranowsky. Really like this gallery mix. Lots of white keeps it clean.

What do you think? And please do share any thrifty frame sources!


  1. How lovely Katie. I wish you could design our place in Florida! You have great creativity and a gift of design.
    Best of luck to you, Carrie

  2. Awww thanks Carrie! So great to hear from you. Perhaps we will work together in your home one day - I would love to partner with you and your amazing taste! Miss you guys a lot!!

  3. Was just showing my husband about this, didn't know it was called gallery wall, learned something new :) do you think it's more on placement vs the frames? I would never know how to arrange it.

  4. Awesome blog! Look forward to reading more!!


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