August 29, 2012

casual dining rooms

Although most of the rooms below are probably technically considered 'breakfast' rooms or even just extensions of their kitchens, I'm looking at them today as inspiration for our dining room.  It's a fairly small room (like the rest of our house!), and a cozier, 'breakfast nook'-ish feel is where we're headed.  There will likely be some traditional dining room elements - like a statement light fixture - but overall it's going to lean more casual. 

source unknown
Would love to add some built-ins, specially a deep bench with drawers and some kind of bookcase/cabinet combo. And of course, I LOVE the otomi tablecloth.  I have two small pieces of otomi fabric from our trip to Mexico earlier this year - can't wait to frame them!!

Kathryn Ireland
 There's a lot going on in the above kitchen (tiles, colorful bowls) which won't likely be found in our dining room, but I love, love all the textures going on here.

Norman Park, via Absolutely Beautiful Things
Love the deep bench above! This is definitely on the 'eventually' list. Gallery wall here is fun, crisp and fresh. The architectural elements going on in that doorway certainly don't hurt!!

Pilar Guzman's home, via Martha Stewart Living
That banquette - ahhhhh!!!  Pretty sure it's not in our budget, but I do love it. Such a cozy spot for lingering, before or after dinner, or anytime! Especially with that fireplace I think I see on the left. This room kind of amazes me - quite the genius layout.  It's not big, but they've made such great use of the space!! 

Stay tuned for more on our dining room progress.  We have some fabulous chairs scored a few months ago on Craigslist which are waiting patiently for paint and fabric.  Fun, simple soon as I decide on color and fabric choice! 

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  1. Just discovered your blog!! I like it a lot!! It's fun and full of life and colour!! I also like the banquette in the last photo, I love tufted seating!!
    Greetings from Romania!!:)


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