September 2, 2014


Stopping by with a few updates from my life as of late…

Last week, I helped a client install a gallery wall. She has an amazing art collection, and it was a treat to arrange about thirty pieces throughout her home. Most were included in this large wall in the living room, with a few others elsewhere in the house. I wish I could have captured a picture of this entire wall for you! It's quite a sight.

I've also been out and about a lot over the past few weeks - antiquing, thrifting and sourcing at various stores. A few goodies that caught my eye...

And lastly, we've spent a few evenings with friends and my sister (my only immediate family who's local), which I've really appreciated. I took an unintentional break from email for just over a day (I know - not the longest break!) and was reminded that I need to do this more often! Running my business, I tend to work a lot of weekends and it's easy to get sucked into this habit. The way I'm wired, I definitely need breaks and am determined to do better with this! Hope you're well and enjoying these last bits of summer!


  1. love that loose set up of the gallery pretty!

  2. Love the gallery wall. Love your finds with their pink theme:-). Great pics too! xx

  3. Wow, Katie! You seem so busy lately. Of course, being busy isn't such a bad thing, at least for me. Hahaha! It's always so fulfulling to be caught up in a schedule that you know is filled because of its success. Anyway, the antiques you bought look amazing. Your taste is as wonderful as always. Good luck with the business. All the best! :)

    Carlene Schnitzer @ Stewart Technologies, Inc.


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